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  • Funds Management

    What are Managed Funds?

    Managed Funds are professionally managed investment vehicles that allow investors to diversify across a range of asset classes. In addition, by pooling together capital with other investors, Managed Funds provide access to local and overseas investment products that are not typically available to individual investors. Veridian’s Managed Funds are operated by professional program managers who adhere to model portfolio guidelines, set out in freely available product disclosure statements. Our clients benefit from full transparency when trading with any of our managed investments.

How do Managed Funds work?

With Managed Funds, you choose which fund suits your investment objectives and risk profile. Rather than choosing specific assets, you apply to invest into units of a desired fund and benefit from the expertise of professional fund managers who make all the asset investment and diversification decisions.

When investing in a Managed Fund

- Our clients can select from a range of model portfolios or combine multiple portfolios in one individual account. - Apply for units in a fund that meet your financial objectives and risk tolerance. Clients do not own the underlying assets, but rather own units in the fund. - Clients receive earnings from invested units in the form of monthly income payments

Veridian offers full transparency with real time portfolio information on clients’ Managed Funds including:

- Current portfolio holdings - Profit and loss - Detailed portfolio analysis - Open positions - Closed positions